Regency Apartments Article Published in Units Magazine

Regency Apartments’ article “Community Teamwork” was published in the January 2015 issue of the National Apartment Association’s Units Magazine.

The article features stories detailing challenges Regency’s property teams have faced where the solutions did not fall in a policy handbook, but rather in innovative thinking and teamwork. What the staff does often is determined by policy and performance measures, but how they perform is determined by values. Sometimes, there are situations where a company’s culture, rather than a policy, can be more useful in figuring out how to handle a particular problem. This, Bob Pratten, Regency’s President and CEO, believes is what can set a company apart from the rest and gives Regency an edge in attracting and retaining long-term residents. “Excellence is always a moving target.” Pratten says. “The true test of a strong company culture is whether values continue to guide decision-making during the downs.”

For seven consecutive years, Regency has earned the CEL & Associates “Best in the Industry” award for outstanding customer service. Every team member takes this streak very seriously and strives to do their part in keeping it going.

The full article can be read on the National Apartment Association’s website at: