Regency Multifamily Announces Promotions

Regency Multifamily recently promoted seven individuals for their commitment and substantial contributions to the company. Taylor Hackerd was promoted to Director of Operations, Beverly Martinez to Senior Community Manager and Lead Software Support, Amanda Hughey to Senior Accountant, Tara Engel to Community Manager of Red44, Courtney Oldham to Community Manager of Regency Club Apartments, Amber Rust to Community Manager of Kimber Green Apartments, and Makenzie Click to Community Manager of Flats at 146.

As the Director of Operations, Hackerd will oversee and engage in the overall operations of Flats at 146, The Legends, Windsor West, and Gentry Square. In Martinez’s new roles, she will manage Fountain Park Apartments, create training guides and tools for onsite staff, and will be a main contact for software systems Regency utilizes. As Senior Accountant, Hughey will help lead the accounting department while continuing to create structure and provide support for onsite staff. As Community Managers, Engel, Oldham, Rust, and Click will be responsible for all phases of property operations including, but not limited to, the general administration and maintenance of the properties they are managing.

“Each of these individuals is exceptionally driven and hardworking,” said Teresa Kelnhofer, President and CEO. “I have great confidence in their abilities as they begin their new roles.”