Regency Promotes Chris Ingalls

Regency Multifamily is proud to announce the promotion of Chris Ingalls from Maintenance Superintendent to Assistant Director of Maintenance. Chris started at Regency as a technician with six years of industry experience under his belt. He was awarded Maintenance Technician of the Year in 2021 and was soon promoted to Maintenance Superintendent of the Bloomington, IN region.  Chris is now helping to oversee the maintenance team, company-wide, as Assistant Director of Maintenance.

In his new role, Chris will serve as supervisor, mentor, and guide to all Maintenance Leads and Supervisors, while also assisting the Director of Project Management and Maintenance with day-to-day operations. Chris’ promotion is a start of Regency’s new maintenance structure which will focus on growth, training, and internal promotions for the dedicated technicians that keep the company moving.